Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne on Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

Update for Mavericks:

Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne will not work on Mavericks. NEVER!

The reason is simple. WC3 was build for Power PC (old macs without intel cpus) and Apple dropped another bite of Power PC Support in Mavericks. You couldn’t install or update wc3 on the last few Mac OS X versions, now on Mavericks you cant connect to the battle.net or LAN. Apple dropped support for „Open Transport for networking“ which was used by wc3. So there are 2 solutions for this problem.

Apple adds Open Transport again, which will never happen!

Or Blizzard rewrites wc3 for the new Mac OS X plattform, which will never happen!

So you won’t be able to run wc3 (dota) native on a Mavericks or newer!



If you want to play Wc3 Frozen Throne (Dota, …) on Mac OS X Mountain Lion you have to do some steps, because it won’t work after the update.

1) You can’t install Wc3 on Lion or Mountain Lion

The install app from Blizzard is old and for Power PC only. Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion don’t support this type of applications anymore. You also can’t update to a newer version of Wc3, because the updater app is also for Power PC only.

You have to install and update Wc3 TFT on and older version of Mac OS. For example Snow Leopard. Then copy the „Warcraft 3 Folder“ to Lion or Mountain Lion.

2) You can run Wc3 but not The Frozen Throne on Mountain Lion

The Frozen Throne.app

In the launcher of TFT is some bug, but you can download this modification by SiDVacant. Replace your old „the Frozen Throne.app“ in your Warcraft III Folder with the new from the Download. Your path to the Warcraft 3 Folder has to be <Applications/Warcraft III> or it won’t work. And because it is not a signed App you need to allow to launch it. You find this option in your Settings->Security and set it to allow Anywhere.

3) You should be able to launch Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne now.

If you have any errors please read the steps again.

If you still have any problems leave a comment.




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5 Responses to “Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne on Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion”

  1. Blum

    hello. please help me. i try it and i works ONE time! yesterday i played wc3tft. and to day in the morning i try it again and it dont work. i recovert the old folder and test your app again but it dont run 🙁 help?!?????

  2. KeSiMo

    First of all, I am happy that I am not alone … and good to know that somebody trying to fix it! But ….

    doesn’t work for me. Just saying „Sorry, could not launch warcraft III“ What I am doing wrong?
    Thanks 🙂

  3. univhero

    me too, i just use it in first time,, then i cant use it now… help! and if some one know how to set the gateway, plz help…

  4. univhero

    oh good,, i restart my imac,, then i works well… so guys,, if you found it crash,, so restart you mac. or do so clean for memory or others…. thanks !

    and i dont wanna know how to add a new gateway in Battlenet for war3… if you know ,plz tell me,. thanks!


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